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Iron Man: Iron Man Mark 03
Iron Man: Titanium Man
Iron Man: Iron Monger

what's new:

Delorean Limited Edition Vehicle

Transformers AllSpark
Rubiks Cube Game

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      Christopher M's Toys & Stuff inc

Christopher M's Toys & Stuff inc

What's New:
Fender Princeton 65 DSP solid state Amp in great shape,no issues.
comes with original footswitch,made in Mexico
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Welcome to Christopher M's Toys & Stuff Inc

We do not ship outside the United States on this website,but we do ship outside the USA on our Ebay Store. All items are shipped via Fedex.
If you have any questions please let us know. Thank You !

I will be doing a lot of  updating to this site,I've been concentrating on my Ebay store but now it's time to start revamping this site. thank you!!